Website Maintenance

A website maintenance plan is an insurance policy for your website and your business. If your site stops working for one day, one week or longer, what will the impact be on your business?  A maintenance plan is a standard requirement when we build websites because we don’t want our clients to be at risk.Once you’ve built it you need to maintain it. It needs to be serviced regularly. You may need to upgrade it if it’s starting to look tired. 

If you don’t have a website maintenance plan here are 4 reasons why you should consider one:

1. Security Updates

2. Good user experience

3. Potential sales impact

4. Long term cost savings

 Maintenance plans : An economical way to maintain your website.

Quarterly Plan - $ 65USD / 3 Months

Half-yearly plan - $ 125 USD/ 6 Months

Annual plan - $ 235 USD / 12 Months.

 We offer you below services during the period of maintenance plans:

1. Fixing bugs in existing functionality.

2.Quick Turn around with a Response for all your Queries within 12- 16hrs.

3.Compatible accordingly with Desktop Browser Upgrades

4.Compatible against Mobiles Browser Upgrades

5.Compatible against Mobiles Operating System Upgrades

6. Making Existing Code Compatible to Current Market Trends.

7.Free WebView APP For First 6 Months in Maintenance Plan. For rest 6.Months, It will Just cost you around 20USD/Month( It can be subscribed, if you are willing to provide APP) 

 Other services we offer:

 Apps: We have a expertise team to develop both Android and IOS apps( Native/Hybrid)

 Hosting : We offer the hosting of your website in our server with a reasonable price of $75/1year and $50/6 months.

 SEO :We have a SEO expertise team with us, who can promote your website and generate good business for your site.

 Customer Support: We are into customer support service as well. So if you need any customer support for your site we are happy to provide the same.

 Data Entry: We have a team to offer you any kind of Data entry job like image uploading, content uploading etc.

 Virtual Assistant: We offer you this service where you can hire a programmer, designer and a marketing person with us for all your needs.

 You being our esteemed client we are happy to assist you in all the above listed services as per your requirement with very reasonable quotes. So please avail our services for all your current and future needs